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Is your Skin Care Routine Damaging Your Skin?

Updated: May 31, 2022

As our body’s largest organ, our skin needs to be protected and nourished. If you are using chemical peels or products containing perfumes and emulsifiers, then it’s time to review your skincare program as these products have been shown to damage the skin's barrier as well as stimulating redness, irritation and ageing.

Our skin is exposed to environmental stresses such as pollution, sun and wind every day. As well, lifestyle factors such as a lack of sleep, a diet high in processed foods or toxic fats can stress the skin and damage the skin's barrier.

With so many cosmeceutical and cosmetic companies advertising and promoting their products in the media, it’s easy to get confused due to the plethora of extraordinary (and often inaccurate) claims of being “the best, the latest or the cheapest”. Choosing the right product for your skin can be time-consuming and sometimes downright frustrating as well as expensive.

It's important to understand how the skin functions but more so, what is unique to your skin needs when purchasing a skincare range or makeup product.

Scientific research into the skin and its function indicates that there is an abundance of cell-to-cell communication. If we can deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the epidermis (stratum spinosum) we are in turn supplying these cells with all the nutrients they require to function in optimal health and to make their return journey to the outer most layer of our skin (stratum corneum) easier, thus providing you with a balanced, healthy and glowing complexion.

This is why I love dermaviduals. It is the only corneotherapy product on the market and it is synonymous with working effectively on the dermal membrane structure of the skin. So much so, dermaviduals has patented the DMS components of their product range, making this a one and only product device.

Dermaviduals is free of emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines. The products are formed with a base called Dermal Membrane Structure (DMS). DMS is used as a preventative treatment that aims to maintain the skin barrier in its natural and intact condition. The products contain a composition (DMS) to resemble the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier and so correspond to the principles of corneotherapy.

It is essential that we address both external and internal factors when treating a skin condition. A diet high in good fats, clean protein and antioxidants combined with exception skincare will not only have you looking your best but assure you are also supporting your barrier function long term that will reward will a healthy glow and a youthful appearance as you age.

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