It Starts with Food

We could start off by saying that a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining optimal health. This used to be so, but today we are seeing an increase in health issues relating to the fact that we are not absorbing what we eat or in many cases, reacting to foods that we should have no issues to. 


Digestive health issues are currently one of the driving factors of disease.  We have people who have issues with digesting fermentable fibres (FODMAP), have bacterial or fungal overgrowth that cause severe bloating (SIBO and SIFO), have candida overgrowth (imbalance of digestive flora) and others who have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease or have gluten intolerance.


Current research indicates that most chronic diseases have some form of nutritional deficiency underlying the disorder.  Although we have an abundance of food available to us today, we seem to be obtaining fewer nutrients from our diet that are essential to our health. Therefore, we have an increase in disease due to malnourishment that is contributing to ill health rather than feeding the body with nutrients that supports energy and vitality. 


Could it be too much sugar in our diet, too many processed foods, trans fats, GMOs, eating too fast, eating too much, to many antibiotics or a lack of essential micro-organisms that are needed to regulate the digestive process? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer other than the cause is probably a combination of many of these issues.


We believe nutrition is the foundation of any good wellness program, and the gateway to disease prevention.  A good nutritional program should be centred around eating real food that is seasonally grown and sourced from local suppliers.  


What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat is determined by your attitude to food.  Your nutritional habits play an essential role in improving your health and your quality of life.   We encourage our clients to eat foods full of nutrition with limited human intervention. These include grass fed meat, sustainable sources of seafood, free range eggs, local and seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats – it’s that simple.


Create Good Habits

Implementing good nutritional habits from your very first visit with us is so important that we provide all our clients with a comprehensive handbook designed to walk you through our nutritional program.


Your handbook includes all the tools you’ll need to succeed, including:

  • A list of food groups that support your health and vitality

  • A detailed Shopping Guide, including helpful hints for making high quality food choices

  • A meal planning template, outlining portion sizes and meal frequency

  • Delicious recipes and meal planning for the week

  • Helpful resources such as books, websites and apps

The Whole 30 Program



Now available as an E Book, the Whole 30 Program could change your life in 30 days.


At urban sense we have spent many years trying to find the perfect diet only to realise that there is no one diet that suits everyone. That's why we have joined forces with the team from


The Whole30 Program in the United States. The program can be adapted to suit most common dietary issues that include; FODMAP, low-Histamine, Vegetarian as well as healthy animal protein food sources.


Now available for purchase as a E Book Click Here to buy online

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