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Foundations of Wellness

Foundations of Wellness

At urban sense we use an integrated approach in managing our client’s healthcare needs.


We spend time with our clients, listening to their histories, mapping their personal timeline, and looking at the interactions between genetic, environment and lifestyle factors that can influence the complexity of chronic disease. 


By viewing the whole person and not just the symptoms, we are able to address the root cause of disease with treatments that will have lasting benefits beyond symptom suppression.    


The functional medicine matrix is a model used by health professionals around the world.  The model identifies three prime sections that relate to each disorder.


  1. Organ system diagnosis

  2. Core clinical imbalances

  3. Modifiable lifestyle factors

When combined, these three core areas help us gather information about our client’s health issues.  The information can then be used to help identify unhealthy patterns that contribute to symptoms associated with disease, and then addressed with a personalised program to promote optimum health and vitality.

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