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Functional Testing


At urban sense we provide a wide range of functional and diagnostic testing. A small selected sample list appears below.

Complete Microbiome GI Map Stool Test

Genetic Profiling

General Pathology Tests (Non Medicare)

Organic Acid Testing (OATS)

Food Allergy Testing

DAO Histamine Intolerance Test

Thyroid Panel



Dutch Complete Hormone Test

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The above list is not exhaustive and tests are requested based on patient needs, desired investigation outcomes and Practitioner diagnosis.

Functional and Pathology testing (non Medicare) is only available to patients as part of a Practitioner consultation. If you are not currently a patient of the clinic, an initial consultation is a necessary prerequisite before any tests are ordered.


Note: We do not provide functional / pathology test prices over the telephone or technical information about tests. Your Practitioner is the best person to advise which tests need to be ordered based on your specific needs and requirements. 

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