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Weight Loss Program Melbourne

Weight Loss Program Melbourne 


Based on the work of Dr Simeons, our Optimal Fat Loss Program is a quick and easy to follow weight loss program. The results are phenomenal.  


Our program utilises a natural Homeopathic non-hormone formulation, that helps trigger the release of abnormal fat stores when combined with a very low calorie dietary (VLCD) intake.  


This program has helped many of our clients lose stubborn fat stored on their waist, hips, butts, and thighs forever.  Our program helps regulate leptin and appetite by releasing stored fat as a source of fuel. This process reduces hunger and the fat just disappears. 


Note: Our program Does Not involve injections.


Program Investment - In Clinic Practitioner Supervised Program

Only $493.00


Your investment includes:-

  • Initial Consultation

  • Optimal Fat Loss Starter Pack Products

  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual and Recipe guide.


Note: Our in clinic Optimal Fat Loss consultations occur face to face at our wellness clinic located at 275 St Georges Road Northcote.


We have created our own specially dedicated Optimal Fat Loss website which explains the program in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How the Program Works

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Please note:  All of the information about the program and how it works for those who are considering undertaking the program themselves is contained on our Optimal Fat Loss website and in the Optimal Fat Loss Manual and Recipe Guide. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information, including COVID-19 Vaccination.


We recommend you purchase our Manual and Recipe Guide with the program.


Our reception staff are unable to provide advice with answering questions about the program and how it works. Please use the links above to learn more. 


If you would like undertake the Practitioner supervised in clinic program, please call the clinic to book an in clinic consultation or use the Book Now icon below. 

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