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Lifestyle Programs

Lifestyle Programs

At urban sense, we have developed three unique programs designed to address specific health conditions that we see in our wellness clinic.


Our programs come complete with a comprehensive manual, recipes and support products that can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with a practitioner consultation.   


Our programs include; Fertility Fitness for couples interested in optimising their preconception health, our very successful Optimal Fat Loss Program and Genetic Health and Wellness Profile.


urban sense also provides a comprehensive range of functional assessments and diagnostic tests to support assessment of our clients within our wellness clinic.  


These include; Genetic Profiles, DNA Stool Testing, Food Allergies, Hormonal, and Adrenal Profiles (Dutch urinary and saliva), Full Thyroid Assessment, Organic Acid (OATs) and Amino Acid Test as well as general pathology through Clinical Labs. (Non Medicare).

3x4 Genetic Testing

Groundbreaking Genetics – Data-Driven Health Benefits

Through just a single test, the 3X4 Blueprint gives you access to a paradigm-shifting health and wellness tool that will equip you with everything you need to make empowered decisions about your own health.


Using your unique genetic map, 25 years of research, and advanced proprietary AI technology we’ll reveal the decisions that have the biggest impact on your health and weight goals with a simple cotton swab.

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