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Skin Therapy Treatment


Before any treatment program is undertaken, a full analysis is necessary to establish the current health condition of your skin. This is a very important part of the process that enables us to determine the most appropriate course of treatment that will address your skin's concerns.


Your assessment involves a detailed history using our health and dietary questionnaire as well as a dermal imaging profile of your skin.  


Our dermal imaging device employs a number of sophisticated scientific techniques to critically analyse key variables in the skin; dryness, premature ageing, oiliness, acne, redness, uneven skin tone and skin texture irregularities.  Backed by many years of research, the system utilises a combination of sensors, imaging software and safe, visible natural light illumination to decode the unique tissue characteristics of the skin and provide effective treatment solutions to match each patient's skin health profile.  A detailed report will be given to you at the end of your consultation and used prior to your next treatment to monitor improvements in your skin. 


​Once your assessment has been made a specific treatment program and home care products will be recommended.  You are now ready to begin your skin therapy treatments.


Skin Therapy Treatments


The largest organ of the body is our skin.  It gives your body shape, it helps regulate body temperature, it breathes, it relays messages to the nervous system about the environment as well as being a valuable tool in revealing metabolic changes and nutritional deficiencies long before they are often diagnosed.   We rely on the health of our skin every day, yet we often take it for granted by polluting it with toxic chemicals found in cosmetics, perfumes, and processed foods.

Changes in the condition of the skin can be due to many factors; ageing, sun exposure, illness, poor nutrition, long term use of inappropriate skincare as well as prescribed medications and hormonal changes that occur during a women's life time.

We believe that Skin Therapy is essential to the health of the skin and should not be looked upon as a luxury expense, but as a necessity of your health and wellness plan.  So, to keep your skin looking its best urban sense offers a range of therapeutic treatments to help you manage all aspects of your skin's health.  

Bespoke Enzyme Facials 


The new buzz in skin therapy is "Bespoke Facials', but what are they?

Well, in a nutshell it’s a fancy term for a customised facial treatment that is suitable for all skin types because it's designed to address your specific skin issues. We believe it's the only type of facial treatment you should ever have and it's the only facial treatment that we offer as a therapeutic skin treatment.  


Your facial is as unique as you are. Mastering the art of fusing various skin products, each treatment is designed exclusively to match your particular skin type and condition. This means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the appropriate treatment for your skin. 


We recommend that all our clients complete an Initial Skin Therapy Assessment before booking a Bespoke Facial so we can determine your skin profile.  This is essential to your treatment as well as your home skincare prescription. During this appointment, you get your opportunity to discuss your individual skin concerns, current skincare regime as well as health and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your skin's overall health and wellness. 


The main purpose of a facial treatment is to thoroughly cleanse the skin, remove surface impurities and stimulate circulation to remove waste and improve blood flow to face. Our treatments also include a skin specific treatment mask that completes your facial therapy followed by a skin balancing moisturiser that leaves your skin looking refreshed and glowing.


Where our facials differ from most clinics is that we use a unique combination of Ayurvedic Marma points during our facial treatments that stimulate key energy points on the face and head, promoting energy flow and deep relaxation of the mind and body. 


Your Bespoke Facial Treatment includes:

  • Double cleanse with appropriate skin specific cleanser

  • Enzyme peel is applied and worked into the skin with a gentle massage and removed with warm towels

  • scented with essential oil blend that you will choose before your treatment begins

  • Facial massage using specific Marma and Lymphatic points around the head, face and neck

  • Condition specific treatment mask, serums, moisturiser


Enzyme Peel Benefits


Refines the pores

Clarifies and evens skin tone

Gentle, safe and effective exfoliation

Increased receptivity for subsequent active ingredients

Actively dissolves and prevents comedones, milia and pustules



Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

CIT is a medical skin treatment that uses a dermal pen that contains multiple ultra-fine needles that creates microscopic holes or tiny dermal punctures in the skin.  This process helps to stimulate new tissue regeneration, elastin, and natural production of collagen fibres. It also promotes new capillary flow that improves blood supply and nutrition to the skin.  To achieve the full benefit of CIT, three sessions are recommended over a period of four to six months.  


Following a course of micro-needling, the skin begins to tighten up under the activation of new collagen and improved circulation, giving you a more youthful smooth skin.  


CIT has been shown to decrease skin wrinkles, acne scarring and skin pigmentation.  


Note: Before commencing your CIT treatments we request that our clients have completed our Initial Skin Therapy Assessment and have started using our customised Dermaviduals skin therapy products prior to CIT treatment. CIT treatments must be used with a clinical range of approved skincare products that are free of chemicals, fragrances and fillers.

Dermal Roller

Watch this short video about how to use the Dermal Roller

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