Skin Therapy

The largest organ of the body is the skin.  It gives our body shape, it helps regulate body temperature, it breathes, it relays messages to the nervous system about the environment as well as being a valuable tool in revealing metabolic changes and nutritional deficiencies long before they are often diagnosed.   We rely on the health of the skin every day, yet we often take it for granted by polluting it with toxic chemicals found in cosmetics, perfumes, and processed foods.


We believe that skin therapy is essential to the health of the skin and should not be looked upon as a luxury expense.  So, to keep your skin looking its best urban sense offers a range of therapeutic skin treatments and nutritional advice to help manage all aspects of skin conditions.  


Changes in the condition of the skin can be due to many factors; ageing, sun exposure, illness, poor nutrition, long term use of inappropriate skincare as well as prescribed medications such as the female pill, PPI’s, Statin’s, and diuretics.

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