Frequently asked questions

Does Cheryl treat children?

As a general rule no. Cheryl does not take on new cases regarding infants or children under 18 years of age. Her speciality and expertise is more suited to adults.

Do you treat cancer patients?

We do not take on client's who are currently in treatment with chemotherapy or in clinical trials. We do however see patients who are interested in preventative health advice and those who are in remission from cancer.

Do you offer concession or pension discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer concession or pensioner discounts on our practitioner services or supplements.

Do you have HICAPS / Health Fund Rebates?

We do not have HICAP facilities at our clinic. We will provide you with a Tax Invoice on the day of your consultation which contains our provider number. Due to a change in Government Policy as of 1 April 2019, most natural therapies will be excluded from private health insurance rebates. For more information, please contact your health insurance provider.

Does your weight loss program involve injections?

No. Our Optimal Fat Loss Program does not use or recommend injections for the purposes of weight loss. More information about our Optimal fat Loss Program is available by followiing the link on our website to www.optimalfatloss.com

Can I order my own tests through the clinic?

No. Your Practitioner is best placed to decide if tests need to be undertaken. They need to assess and investigate presenting symptoms before deciding what if any appropriate testing may be required. Given the wide range of potential tests available, not to mention the cost of testing, there are many factors which need to be considered before tests are suggested for further investigation. As such, Functional and Pathology testing is only available to patients as part of a Practitioner consultation. If you are not currently a patient of the clinic, an initial consultation is a necessary prerequisite before any tests are ordered. At this consultation, we also request patients bring along with them any previous pathology or functional test results that they may have had in the past 6 months.

Are you open during COVID-19?

Yes. The clinic is open for in-clinic face to face Naturopathic consultations. Telehealth (video) and telephone remain an option for those who wish to not travel into the clinc. How to Book a Consultation Bookings can be made via our online booking page on this website or by calling the clinic on 9482 5135. Reception Hours Our reception hours have changed. To place a product order or pick ups, these need to be done between 10am and 2pm. We are practising social distancing protocols and are regularly cleaning the clinic.

Do you offer Health Fund Rebates on consultations?

There are no health fund rebates for our consultations. As of April 2019, the Federal Government removed the ability of most health funds to offer rebates on Naturopathic Consultations.

Can I get general pathology tests at the clinic?

As part of a consultation, your Practitioner can order general pathology tests, depending on your presenting symptoms. All pathology tests ordered through the clinic are Non Medicare (fee for service) and the patient will need to pay for the tests themselves.

Does Cheryl see male patients?

Yes. Cheryl has many male patients. Whilst Cheryl specialises in women's health, she is happy to see male patients.

When will in-clinic face to face Naturopathic Consultations be available?

From November 2nd, face to face in-clinic Naturopathic Consultations will recommence. Of course, we will be implementing additional social distancing and COVID safe precautions for all of our patients. All patients will still be required to wear a mask when attending a consultation.

When will Skin Treatments Recommence?

At this stage, skin care treatments remain suspended. There is no date for Skin Treatment Consultations to recommence due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. When its safe to do so, we will update our website.

When will Remedial Massage recommence?

From November 2nd Remedial Massage will return. Please call Megan direct on her mobile 0432 164 175 to book a consultation. All patients will still be required to wear a mask when attending a consultation.

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