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Skin Therapy - Spring

Updated: May 31, 2022

Your skin may be feeling sluggish after enduring three months of cold wintery weather, which is notoriously harsh and drying on the appearance of our skin. Now that we are focusing on cleansing and renewal it may be a good time to review your skin care products and check our list of toxic ingredients. If you are ready for a change then we have everything you require to make it easy to ensure your skin is back to functioning at its best in no time. Whether it’s restoring a luminous and clear complexion or combating dry and inflamed skin; the key is always to anticipate and protect against environmental stress and pollution.

During spring we focus on hydration and healing, as our capillary network has experienced stress during the colder months. Spring is the time to rejuvenate as well as preparing your barrier for the environmental defence and protection required in the summer months to come. Your skincare routine should reflect this. It’s OUT with heavy moisturisers and oils (unless your skin type dictates differently), and in with vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins.

We can provide an exclusively tailored moisturiser and serum blend that contains everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. Your skin is like a bank account: the more you put in it; the better the balance and riches you reap within your skin, now and into the future.

To ensure you are getting the most appropriate care for your skin this spring we suggest the following 6 top tips:

1) Start your seasonal skin care regime with a gentle weekly peel using Dermaviduals DMS Peeling Cream. It’s the perfect way to get rid of dull, dead skin cells and simultaneously nourish and feed the skin with softening, essential fatty acids.

2) Interestingly, spring also brings hormonal changes to the skin as it starts to produce more sebum than in winter. We recommend you consider changing from DMS Base Cream High Classic Plus to DMS Base Cream High Classic, which has reduced lipid content. For younger skins, a good alternative is using the DMS Mask with Vitamins as a daily moisturiser.

3) Incorporate serums into your routine. Boost your skin’s diet with “super-foods” such as the Dermaviduals active concentrates found within our large range of serums. These not only feed the epidermis, but also work deep into the bi-layers of the skin. With a DMS Base Cream applied over the top to ‘lock in’ the serums, we effectively target skin cells to activate the skin and produce wonderful results for a range of conditions. Our recommended cocktail for spring is a custom blend of anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, E & D-Panthenol. These protect the skin from premature cellular damage and ageing.

4) As always, we recommend you follow a nutritious diet and exercise programme to assist with the rejuvenation of the skin. Keep well hydrated with filtered water and eat a variety of leafy vegetables, low GI fruits, clean protein and raw nuts and seeds. Regular exercise keeps your body fit, healthy and importantly, stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

Cleansing Products - did you know that cleansing with a product that contains emulsifiers could drag all the healthy lipids out of your skin, leaving you with a dry, itchy feeling? Instead, use suggest using a cleanser that does not contain emulsifiers such as our Dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream. Like all our products, it is 100% emulsifier free.

5) One must-have product for spring is our DMS Mask with Vitamins. Every skin needs a vitamin boost and now hydration can be intensified whilst still improving elasticity and firmness. Due to the unique DMS structure, DMS Mask with Vitamins penetrates beyond the upper layers of the skin leading to regeneration at a cellular level. Simply apply and let it melt into your skin – no need to wash off. It’s easy and very effective.

6) Spring is the time to get serious about cellular protection of the melanocytes to ensure pigmentation is kept at bay during the warmer months. A constantly increasing UV index and temperatures pose a major challenge for the skin. So, protect it with a potent anti-oxidant and tyrosinase-inhibiting serum blend consisting of Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Liposome NMF, Grape Seed extract and Whitening Concentrate. If you are at high risk of pigmentation we recommend you also use the whitening liposome, neat, in the evening. And don’t forget your sunnies and sun protection.

Prevention is much more effective than trying to correct a skin condition.

Your skin’s needs are continually changing due to factors such as ageing, hormonal fluctuations, diet, lifestyle choices, the weather and other environmental stressors such as pollution. This means that one type of skincare regime won’t “fit everyone” and further, needs to adapt and change over time and the seasons, just as the skin does.

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