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About Us

About Us

"Our mission at urban sense is to provide our client's with treatment therapies that are based on traditional knowledge using clinical experience that is supported by scientific research."

urban sense was established in 1998 by Naturopath Cheryl Penna.


The urban sense brand originally began as a range of natural skincare products that Cheryl developed for her clients. 


The skincare range became quite successful and was sold locally and overseas.  Since then urban sense has grown and developed into a renowned wellness clinic in the field of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness.  


Cheryl ‘s interest in health and wellness began in her twenties after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She spent many years consulting with medical practitioners and alternative therapists to address her own health concerns. 


It was during this time that she discovered her passion for health and natural wellness. 


Many years on, Cheryl now practices as the principal clinician at urban sense with a focus on empowering people to overcome their own health issues by following the Foundations of Wellness principles.


Urban sense wellness clinic is comprised of a professional group of allied health practitioners who specialise in providing a total approach to health and wellness through a range of natural therapies.


Our qualified team of practitioners include; Naturopathic Practitioner, and Skin Therapist.


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