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Dermaviduals Stockist Deco Mineral Makeup Melbourne


Dermaviduals Deco Mineral Stockist

urban sense wellness clinic is an approved Melbourne stockist of Dermaviduals Deco customised mineral foundation.


It's all about the base.

You invest so much into your skin care regime but did you realise that your daily makeup application (including your primer) could be the  aggravating factor of your skin condition or concern?

Dermaviduals Deco is the solution! It's pure; just like our Dermaviduals skin care line, you can be assured there are no nasties hiding in our makeup range.

The most amazing thing about Dermaviduals Deco is that the colour of the foundation is customised to suit your individual skin colour and tone. No longer do you have to struggle to find that perfect colour match. A foundation that enhances the skin's appearance, but you simply can't tell it is there.

Adhering to the concept of corneotherapy, Dermaviduals Deco actively works with the skin, as opposed to masking skin problems. 

Dermaviduals - where science and beauty meet.

As this is a Practitioner range of products, a colour assessment is required or a referral prescription from another Dermaviduals Practitioner is a requirement for purchase.

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