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Are Multivitamins Essential for Optimal Health?

Updated: May 31, 2022

I am often asked by clients if they should take a multivitamin and what do I suggest they use? 

The easiest way to sum up my answer is the following; You don't need to take a multivitamin as long as you eat wild, fresh, whole, organic, local, non-genetically modified food grown in virgin mineral rich soil, and not transported across vast distances and stored for months before eating.  

To be honest, we are just not getting enough nutrition to support our basic health needs these days from food that is not local, fresh or full of nutrients. So what do I recommend?

I am always reviewing our supplement range and the new buzz in optimal nutrition is based on Nutrigenomic Nutritional Supplements.

Quite a mouth full but nutritional researchers have shown that the constituents in food do interact with our genes and depending on the message they send, can switch on or off certain genes that control cancer, detoxification, methylation, inflammation and longevity.  

Whole food supplements that contained lots of antioxidants have been around for a while but we now have emerging new science that shows super-gene-nutrients such as sulforaphane (from organic whole broccoli sprouts), activated B vitamins (Follenic Acid, B12, B6, B2, B5) and essential minerals such as iodine, zinc, selenium, K2, vitamin D3 and cucumis melo juice send the right messages to our genes and promote optimal health.  


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