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Foundations of Wellness June 2018

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

The key fundamentals to healthy life.

urban sense newest edition features the latest from the wellness industry. 

This month we look at the 7 core elements that form the basis of our Foundation of Wellness Program.  For many years now the health and wellness industry has been driven by an out-dated-medical-model that focuses on treating the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the root cause of dysfunction that has lead to multi-system imbalance in multiple organ systems.  

For example, an underlying viral infection that has not resolved may have resulted in systemic inflammation that has caused Adrenal Stress, resulting in daily fatigue.  The imbalance in the adaptive response creates suppression of the immune system that triggers allergies or food intolerance.  Over time this impacts gut health and digestive function that leads to malabsorption of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

This now impacts hormonal and neurotransmitter balance that leads to anxiety or depression. It's easy to see that someone in this case could end up being prescribed an anti-depressive medication for mood issues alongside an antihistamine or acid-suppression for the allergies/gut issues and a whole lot of other medications as their health deteriorates.  This form of treatment also occurs in the so called Health and Wellness industry as people self diagnose or get advice over the counter in health food stores.  I often see people come in with bags of vitamins that are used to treat symptoms rather than addressing the original cause of dysfunction.  This process takes time and involves commitment from both the client and practitioner who must investigate all details of the patients health history.  

My best advice to my clients is not to rush into treatment without working on the Foundations of Wellness first.  Once we have had a chance to change dietary patterns, improve sleep and pH balance, support detoxification and build adaptive resilience we often get a clear picture of what the imbalance is about.

We have a special Winter Skin Therapy offer that includes a free home derma-roller kit as well as how to nourish the skin from within.  

I am also very excited about the new Healthy Home Healthy Family book update by Naturopath Nicole Bijlsma.  Nicole is a building biologist who lectures and educates industry and practitioners all over the world.  This is a must have book for anyone interested in environment health, has a chronic health issue, has children or would like to know how to reduced the impact of environmental toxins in their life. RRP$39 


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