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Christmas Survival

Updated: May 31, 2022

How to Manage the Christmas Period and Survive! Make sure you set time aside for yourself.  When we don't have any breathing space it makes it quite difficult to react to situations and people in a positive way.  You would be amazed at how easier it is to deal with unplanned stressful situations when you take a few minutes of quiet time for yourself every day.   

I encourage you to make some part of your day your time.  It might be listening to some relaxing music in the car as you drive to work or reading a good book before going to bed.  It could be 10 minute cat nap in the afternoon or a walk through the park before going home.

Try and Maintain Healthy Eating Habits During the Festive Season Too much alcohol and unhealthy eating can take its tole on our digestive system that makes us feel sluggish and bloated.  Ensure you have a good breakfast and lunch if you know you are eating out at night. Share a dessert instead of eating one on your own. Order 2 entrees instead of an entree and main meal. Overloading the body late at night decreases sleep quality as the body tries to process all that extra food. If you have a big Christmas lunch think about skipping dinner that night. Intermittent fasting has been shown to reverse Type 2 diabetes and high glucose blood levels by fasting for 14 hours over night.  Your waist line will thank you as well.

Take Time to Prepare   No matter what you do in life, spending some time and making a list so you know exactly what you need to do is a great way to maintain a sense of control.  Its quite easy to feel overwhelmed this time of the year with planning trips away, catching up with family that we have not seen for a while and living out of a routine. This is usually when disaster hits and we spend the holiday period unhappy and regretful.  Take some time each day and get yourself organised.  This will free up time, leaving you feeling happy with the world.

As the season begins we have a few considerations to help you survive.  

  • Late nights and stress can take toll on our Adrenal health and will over time decrease immune health, hormone balance and sleep patterns.  Now is the time to add in some support with herbal adaptogens that reduce the toll on your Adrenal's as well as maintaining your energy and mental focus. 

  • Alcohol consumption and over indulges in sugary foods and fat places extra strain our the liver and detox pathways.  To help support these 2 systems I suggest using St Mary's Thistle (Legalon) and super greens (G-Tox) as support products. 

  • Over eating is often a problem due to social outings at this time of year. Keeping up your water and protein levels will be helped by using a fibre supplement and protein drink. We are now stocking a new range of protein powders that are pure pea protein and no added fillers.  I suggest adding W8 Fibre or Nanolean to these drinks for added fibre and a sense of fullness.

  • Recent studies indicate that alcohol depletes magnesium in the brain and this creates long term damage. Magnesium deficiency also increases the impact associated with a hangover.  I suggest taking a magnesium sachet before and after drinking to help reduce these effects.


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