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ProbioMax Daily DF is a vegetarian, gluten-free, four-strain probiotic totaling 30 billion CFU per vegetarian capsule, packaged in nitrogen purged blister packs.


Each strain has clinically proven health benefits, proven safety, acid and bile resistance, adherence to the human intestinal mucosa, survival/activity in the gastrointestinal tract.


Dosage: Take one capsule with water daily or as directed.


Note: This product is great for travel as it does not need to be refrigerated.

ProbioMax Daily DF

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  • This product is used to maintain healthy intestinal microecology, support the natural immune response and support bowel regularity.


    This product Does Not Need to be refrigerated.


    **NOTE: The capsules replace the previous Multibiotic Capsules which required refrigeration*.


    Recommended for daily use whilst on program 

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