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What Do you Get in a Box?

 (4 Flavours) 30g x 4 Pack (contains: 1 each of Spiced Pumpkin & Herbs, Tuscan Tomato, Carrot & Chives and Bold Beetroot)


Who can benefit from Dr Soup®?

Dr. Soup® was designed to provide a significant proportion of the daily adult vegetable requirement, thereby benefiting the whole family – children who are fussy eaters, teenagers who refuse vegetables, busy adults reliant on convenience foods, the elderly who prefer soft-textured foods which may not include vegetables. Dr. Soup® is a versatile addition to any diet.


Consumers are advised to choose at least one serve of fresh green leafy vegetables to complement the variety supplied in a Dr. Soup® sachet.  Most nutrients are retained when a vegetable is dehydrated but fresh greens are the exception, losing most of their folate, an essential vitamin.  This is why Dr. Soup® has focused on vegetables, herbs and spices other than greens. 


One standard 75-gram serve of fresh broccoli or other green leafy vegetable, together with 300 grams fresh equivalent in one Dr. Soup® sachet provides the daily recommendation of at least 375 grams of vegetables (5 serves).

Dr Soup (Box 4 x Single Sachets)

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