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Weightloss for the new year

Updated: May 31, 2022

It's probably a bit late to be discussing new year resolutions but everyone usually adds a weight loss program to their list as a to do for the new year.  

I bring this up as I am sure you have all noticed the new programs on the market that are pushing for your business in regards to losing weight.  

Now I don't have a problem with any program that aims to motivate a healthy lifestyle and in the process lose excess fat, but the problem with most programs is the lack of "what do I do when I finish"?

Unfortunately studies show that most people regain the weight they lose within 6 to 12 months after finishing a weight loss program. This has always fascinated me. So I began asking my clients what they did after finishing their program.  This also included our Optimal Fat Loss Program, especially clients who did our online program and not our supervised program. Each time I got the same response.  Once the program finished most people did not know what to do and therefore went back to the way they used to eat, as well as the same old pattern of eating that got them into trouble in the first place.  

What we are not being told is that as a society, we need to change our approach to food as well as the way we eat for the rest of our lives.  This does not sound very enticing, but by applying a few simple rules I think I have mastered an easy way to prevent weight re-gain and still enjoy food.  

Here are my 4 simple rules.

No Snacking Between Meals - we have be given lots of bad advice over the years and this one is still being promoted today.  Every time you eat you release insulin.  Insulin is a fat storing hormone, it promotes diabetes if continually stimulated and unless you are training for the olympics most of us just don't do enough that requires food intake on a regular basis. A drop in blood sugar is due to poor food combinations and or dehydration. Keep well hydrated with water between meals and watch your hunger disappear.

Ensure you have 4 hours between meals.  I suggest 2-3 good meals a day that include whole foods; ample protein, vegetables / salad with some good fats and limited unrefined carbohydrates (this includes fruit, whole grains, unleaven bread and starchy vegetables).  It has been shown that limiting our food intake, especially once we are over 35yrs of age the better our health will remain.  If you are not hungry in the morning skipping breakfast is now considered a healthy start to the day.  This rules does not apply to growing children or teenagers that need the intake of food to start the day.  Many of my clients, especially women say if they skip breakfast they can better manager their food intake.  This does not work for me but as I get older I do not feel the urge to eat as soon as I get up as I used to.  I am quite happy to start the day with hot water and lemon, do some exercise and eat a bit later.  I now have no problem maintaining a healthy weight nor do I feel the need to snack between meals as I once did. 

One freedom meal per week - this meals once a week you can have a treat and not feel guilty, nor will your body react to it.  Yes I did say once per week and not once per day.

At all costs avoid processed sugar, white grains, processed dairy (naturally fermented yoghurt is better) and packaged food where possible.  

We are all quite unique individuals and a mix of genes these days so taking on the idea that one diet suits all does not make sense.  I suggest trying these guidelines for a week or two or maybe a month and see how you feel.

Be prepared - you will lose fat and a dress size or two.  Who knew it could be so easy.


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