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Weightloss - Addressing the Causative Factors!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Have you ever tried a diet that a friend did and not lost any weight?  I see this all the time with our clients and know how frustrated they are with not having the kilos drop even though they are following a strict diet and increased exercise. 

There are many factors that may be inhibiting or sabotaging your weight loss.  Some of the issues may relate to estrogen imbalance or low thyroid function, sleep issues, poor bowel health and gut issues, even food intolerance can drive up hormones that increase fat gain.  Stress is often a driving factor in weight gain but will also contribute to blocking weight loss. 

Calorie restriction can be great to get a few kilos off in the short term but long term fasting will actually stop fat burning and cause muscle loss.  I see this occur so often in even our clients who repeatedly use fasting or our Optimal Fat Loss Program.  Proper assessment needs to be done if you are struggling to lose the fat kilos. 

Research has shown that regular check-ins with a practitioner or consultant also helps keep people motivated and on track. 

If you are struggling with weight gain and are not sure what to do, then I suggest taking advantage of our Body Assessment and Fat Loss Profiles, this assessment includes our VLA body assessment, detailed Health Review questionnaire and 21-day fat busting diet program.


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