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Investing your health

Updated: May 31, 2022

Are you creating health now to avoid illness or are you waiting till your health declines to make healthy changes?  

Are you willing to put in the hard work to eat well, exercise on a regular basis, reduce your stress levels and eliminate toxic lifestyle and food patterns that are related to long-term health and wellness?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you invest in a healthcare program to manage your long term health goals.  

Health Insurance Companies and Medical Planners are now asking these exact questions when people are renewing their health policies each year as the costs of managing our chronically overloaded health system continues to rise.

When it comes to our health, most people put very little thought into what they need to change and even more importantly, how to monitor the changes they make. Fortunately genetic research has provided many insights into the drivers of disease as well as our risk factors.  

The primary factors that have been shown to contribute to a decline in health have been associated with; 

  1. Lack of exercise appropriate to our genes

  2. Quality of food to nourish the body and supply the appropriate intake of amino acids and minerals

  3. Smoking, drug and alcohol intake

  4. Impact of cortisol regulation and stress factors that drive inappropriate responses

  5. Environmental impacts associated with poor air and water quality and regular chemical exposure and 

  6. Impact of obesity and lipid changes that impact the cardiovascular system

We can now see that treating one health issue without a full assessment and treatment plan will not achieve much unless we address the root cause and driving factors associated with the body as a whole. 

It's incredible that people believe having a cold or flu during winter is normal, or that having a headache a few times a month can be fixed with an analgesic, or that prescribed pharmaceuticals will effectively manage high Blood Pressure or Depression without addressing the necessary six primary drivers of health. 

We are now in a position to use the advances in genetic health research in combination with general pathology and functional testing to assess risk factors and develop a health and wellness plan that can be monitored and adjusted as necessary rather than a treatment plan that focuses on short term results. 

Our new Genetic Health Plan is now available and will be implemented with a 5 step program that will address all factors of prevention alongside regular health updates.

For more details on our gene profiling please contact the clinic for pricing and testing details.


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