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Clean eating

Updated: May 31, 2022

The hot new trend emerging with food these days is Clean Eating.  

Everyone is talking about eating pastured fed animal products and avoiding food that is raised on grain.  We have finally seen the light and it looks like we have taken a turn back to seasonal eating that is locally produced and sourced from healthy stock.  Foods containing nutrients are hot topics and of course to get nutrients from food we must grow them in healthy soils and prepare food with minimal tampering.  This fits in perfectly with our new 30 day eating program that we plan to develop over the coming year.  

Our new program is based on a nutrient-dense whole food diet that promotes eating whole, unprocessed foods such as organic grass fed animal products, seafood, eggs, seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as good quality fats the nourish the body. This style of eating has been shown to improve health by providing balanced and complete nutrition while avoiding most processed and refined foods that contain empty calories and anti-nutrients.  It has been referred to as a Paleo style of eating and if you haven't noticed, it's the current range with chefs, nutritionists and bloggers all over the world.

There are many versions of this style of eating, unfortunately most of the programs still focus on replacing foods like bread, cakes and sweets with alternative allowed ingredients instead of focusing on getting back to primary everyday foods.  Our new manual is now available and is just the first step of our exciting new program that aims to help to reduce inflammation and ageing, break food cravings and binge eating and create a healthy relationship with food.  


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