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Isn’t it time that you had the health you deserve?

At urban sense wellness clinic we believe the current approach to health is broken. Its short term focus, symptomatic treatment and a lack of patient engagement leaves a lot to be desired.


Instead we offer our patients longer appointments so we can spend quality time getting to know their health history and their concerns without rushing them out the door.


Whilst we will never promise to be able to solve your health issues in one visit, we do promise to use our skill and expertise to establish a baseline of your current health and plan using an evidenced based approach based on science.

We will explain your pathology results in simple terms so you’ll understand what the numbers mean.

If you have tried other Naturopathic Practitioners or traditional medicine and are looking for a caring and professional women’s health Practitioner, we can help. 


We listen to our patients and work with them to help them understand some of the underlying causes of their health issues and provide helpful advice on potential approaches. 


You may have been unwell for a while or have tried other treatment approaches which haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped for. We’ll walk you through what’s going on with a caring and supportive approach.

So if it's time to get your health back on track, click on the link below to learn more about our approach and how we work.

We will inform you of the latest research and treatment approaches which best match your specific health concerns and help you get together a plan that works for you. At all times, we’ll treat you like an individual and not a number. Whilst we will never claim to be able to cure whatever ailment you may be presenting with, you can be confident that we will do our best to help you achieve better health and wellness outcomes.


We’ll give you straight answers and insights about what we think is going on and offer clear advice on your presenting symptoms and any underlying causes before we offer a way foreward.


urban sense wellness clinic

275 St Georges Road Northcote | 03 9482 5135

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