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Our Approach

In today’s busy world, sometimes it’s important to take a moment for the most important person in your life, you!  Let’s face it, while we all know it’s important to look after our bodies by eating a healthy diet, we often don't connect the fact that stress, processed foods and nutrient deficiencies can impact your skin’s health and lead to premature ageing.  


If you are only treating your skin on the outside, then you are missing a vital part of your skin's assessment and the need to feed your skin from the inside-out.


Our Naturopathic skin specialist, Cheryl Penna has created a unique Wellness Whole Body approach to treating your skin and getting your skin health back on track.  We use minimal technology in our treatments. Instead, we rely on traditional therapies such as iris analysis combined with dietary and nutrient assessment to determine your skin's nutritional needs.


Your skin assessment includes a transdermal light therapy device that measures 7 vital skin parameters that give an accurate profile of the health of your skin.  When combined with our hands-on approach to skin therapy treatments, we often see remarkable results within the first few treatments.


If it’s time to move to a whole system skin approach and take your skin care to the next level, then give us a call to arrange your next consultation.


Urban sense wellness clinic offers a range of treatments including, Bespoke Facials, Enzymes Peels and CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy).


We only use and recommend Dermaviduals skin care products. Why, because we care what we use on your skin

Skin Therapy Diagnosis

Before any treatment program is undertaken, a full analysis of your skin is necessary to establish the current condition of your skin. This enables us to determine the most appropriate course of treatment that will address and correct your skin condition.


Your skin assessment involves a detailed history using our health questionnaire before your treatments begins. Once a diagnosis has been made a specific treatment program and home care products will be recommended.

Once your assessment has been completed you are now ready for regular treatments. 


Bespoke Facials and Enzyme Peels 

Is your skin looking tired and stressed or do you have trouble with lipid flow and break outs? No matter what your needs are, we have a solution and a treatment that can be customised to your skin’s condition, including a range of therapeutic treatment masks that help re-mineralise and rejuvenate the skin.


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

CIT is a medical skin treatment that uses a dermal pen that contains multiple ultra-fine needles that creates microscopic holes or tiny dermal punctures in the skin.  This process helps to stimulate new tissue regeneration, elastin, and natural production of collagen fibres. It also promotes new capillary flow that improves blood supply and nutrition to the skin.   To achieve the full benefit of CIT, three sessions are recommended over a period of four to six months.  


Following a course of micro-needling, the skin begins to tighten up under the activation of new collagen and improved circulation, giving you a more youthful smooth skin.  

CIT has been shown to decrease skin wrinkles, acne scarring and skin pigmentation.


Note: Dermal rolling must be used with a clinical range of approved skincare products. A pre-assessment skin consultation is required prior to commencing this type of treatment to assess your skin's suitability.


The Dermograph employs a number of sophisticated scientific techniques to critically analyse key variables in the skin.


Backed by many years of research, the system utilises a combination of sensors, imaging software and safe, visible natural light illumination to decode the unique tissue characteristics of the skin and provide effective treatment solutions to match each patient's skin health profile.

With just 3 transdermal images of the skin, the Dermograph intrically examines dryness, premature ageing, oiliness, acne, redness, uneven skin tone and skin texture irregularities before delivering a detailed report in easy to understand measurements.

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