Our Homeopathic Formulation drops help break down and mobilise fat cells so they can be used by your body for energy and appetite suppression during the very low calorie (VLCD) phase of the diet. These fat stores are pocketed in those impossible to reach places around the hips, thighs, belly and upper arms. This allows your “structural fat”, the fat that is critical in the muscles and organs, to be protected.


Don’t be surprised if you average anywhere from 200gms to 1/2kg weight loss per day! It is incredibly rewarding to step on the scales each morning and watch your body reshape. To work effectively, drops need to be used in conjunction with starter pack products and instruction manual.


Weight loss results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person and individual circumstances. We suggest that you follow a healthy diet to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.


Note: Same ingredients and formula - now in Glass

Pro Hcg Weight Management Drops - New Packaging

  • NOTE: This product has been repackaged from the plastic bottle. It was formerly called accelerated fat loss drops.


    Kick start your weight loss with our special formulation.