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The 7 Steps to health

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

For many years now the health and wellness industry has been driven by an out-dated-medical-model that treats the symptoms of individual organ systems without addressing the underlying cause of dysfunction. Before treating any health dysfunction it is essential that we address the 7 steps that form our Foundations of Wellness. The Foundations of Wellness seven core elements include;

  1. Environmental toxins such as mould, dust mites, pollution, heavy metals, radiation and EMF exposure often contribute to the toxic load our bodies have to manage on a daily basis.  Identifying and removing the offending factor is a major factor in health recovery. 

  2. Inflammation and Immune balance are often the drivers of many acute and chronic disorders that may include an unresolved viral or bacterial infection, genetic processes or stress factors. 

  3. Hormone and Neurotransmitter balance are the driving factors that regulate mood, appetite, fertility, sleep and biological rhythms.  An imbalance in this area may be due to poor insulin regulation or over production off cortisol and adrenaline that disrupts thyroid function. 

  4. Gut and Digestive health involves the assimilation of nutrients though the body that nourish, feed and support elimination.  Disturbances in this process often results from poor dietary habits, dehydration, microbiome imbalance and intestinal barrier issues.

  5. Detoxification of waste and toxins is a complex process that may be inhibited by many factors that include genetic processes, nutrient deficiencies and pH imbalance. Imbalances in skin health, bowel and kidney function, movement and respiratory issues may also impact detoxification processes.  

  6. Energy Production is regulated by tiny cellular factories called mitochondria that produce energy from food and oxygen within the body.  Factors that inhibit this process include; overload of toxins, chronic infections, allergens, stress and poor nutrition that increases oxidative-stress that reduces cellular energy function resulting in fatigue issues.

  7. Mind-body balance is essential for our mental health, physical and spiritual well-being. A disconnect from our lives or society has been shown to promote poor health and cellular function.  Supporting a healthy work/life balance, social networks, community and spiritual beliefs are essential to optimal health and disease recovery.  


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