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Welcome Pack - New Patients


As part of your welcome to urban sense, we have produced a welcome pack with an overview of our services and how our clinic operates. It contains information about our approach to health and we encourage you to download it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

It Starts With Food

This is our healthy eating and lifestyle manual. It contains a wide range of recipes and tips. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Recharge My Spark

Many of us will experience fatigue or low energy throughout our lives.


While we all have short stints where we burn the candle at both ends, or have a few late nights in a row, low energy over an extended period of time can be a real problem. Difficulty concentrating, a lack of motivation, a lost desire to do things that previously brought you joy, and always being asked “if you’re feeling "okay” isn’t fun in the short term and can be debilitating over the long term. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Holistic Health Download

Holistic Health is not only about fuelling our body with healthy nutritious food. It’s also about living a healthy life in our modern environment and looking after the health of the planet. 


That means considering the chemicals we’re exposed to and we’re exposing our planet to.


That means considering not only the food and drinks we’re consuming, but the products and materials we’re supporting as consumers – which are ultimately returned to the environment. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Christmas Healthy Food & Lifestyle Guide

The Christmas and New Year period for many people is a magical one.


A time to catch up with family and friends, and soak up some of our stunning summer days. However, it can be difficult to keep your health goals on track amongst the festive frivolity.


This free booklet is here to help you keep working towards those goals with some simple tips, recipes and information to use over the holiday period.


This booklet takes a holistic approach to health, yet we understand the holidays are for letting your hair down! These are just some little things you can do, so you can have your fun, whilst maintaining your health. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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