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Welcome to the Patient Resource download page. Here we have curated a range of interesting health topics across a wide range of areas. Please feel free to download.

Menopause Naturally

This great resource guide on Menopause has been put together as a lifestyle and health guide for women who are transitioning into menopause or those in their 40's that would like to know what they can do to help support their body during this stage in their hormonal journey.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Mastering Your Mental Wellbeing 

It's no secret that when your stressed, you don't feel your best. In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy for day-to-day responsibilities to take priority and for stress to accumulate over time until you feel overwhelmed. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Building Resilience

Building Resilience is a new terminology we are going to be hearing about in the coming months as this is how we will all need to be thinking as we move into a new way of living in the future. 


Building resilience is based on support the whole body with food, exercise, nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle to manage and support the body, mind, and soul.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Recharge My Spark

Many of us will experience fatigue or low energy throughout our lives.


While we all have short stints where we burn the candle at both ends, or have a few late nights in a row, low energy over an extended period of time can be a real problem. Difficulty concentrating, a lack of motivation, a lost desire to do things that previously brought you joy, and always being asked “if you’re feeling "okay” isn’t fun in the short term and can be debilitating over the long term. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Tune Your Immune

The foundation of your health – and the reason that you’re alive and reading this – is your immune system. You might not give it much thought until you’re feeling really under the weather. 

Then, you may find yourself trying to give it all the tender loving care you’ve got, to bolster the battalion inside as you fight off unseen forces. What’s going on beneath the surface of your skin, you may wonder?

It can feel like there’s a war waging inside… Well, that’s not far from the truth! Your immune system is your body’s personal defence force, called into action when it detects a threat to your life.


Holistic Health Download

Holistic Health is not only about fuelling our body with healthy nutritious food. It’s also about living a healthy life in our modern environment and looking after the health of the planet. 


That means considering the chemicals we’re exposed to and we’re exposing our planet to.


That means considering not only the food and drinks we’re consuming, but the products and materials we’re supporting as consumers – which are ultimately returned to the environment.


Holistic Health 2020 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Holistic Health 2021  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Health Highlight Patient Information Sheets

Magnesium and Headaches PDF


Foods for a Healthy Mood PDF

Probiotics for Mood Support PDF

Magnesium and Balancing Blood Sugar PDF


Christmas Healthy Food & Lifestyle Guide

The Christmas and New Year period for many people is a magical one.


A time to catch up with family and friends, and soak up some of our stunning summer days. However, it can be difficult to keep your health goals on track amongst the festive frivolity.


This free booklet is here to help you keep working towards those goals with some simple tips, recipes and information to use over the holiday period.


This booklet takes a holistic approach to health, yet we understand the holidays are for letting your hair down! These are just some little things you can do, so you can have your fun, whilst maintaining your health. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Metagenics Patient Brochures

Health Heart Patient Brochure

Your Guide to Digestion

Inflammation Patient Brochure

Boosting Immunity Patient Brochure

Detox Patient Brochure

Essential Fatty Acids Patient Brochure

Fatigue Patient Brochure

Female Reproductive Conditions Patient Brochure

Magnesium Patient Brochure

Managing Allergies Patient Brochure

Multivitamin Patient Brochure

Pregnancy Care Patient Brochure

Probiotics Patient Brochure

Stress Patient Brochure

Your Guide to Digestion

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