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OligoScan New Patient Form / Clinic Information

Welcome to urban sense wellness clinic.


You have been referred to us by your Practitioner for an OligoScan Test.


What is the OligoScan Device?


The OligoScan is an exciting German engineered TGA approved device that provides a non-invasive immediate and precise analysis of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals located in the skin, and peripheral tissues of the body.


No biopsy, blood or hair sample is needed. The device assesses mineral composition in tissue by way of spectrophotometry. It measures the light absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance.


Consultation Duration


Please allow approximately 10 minutes for the OligoScan Test only.  For the OligoScan Test and Practitioner Report, allow about 20 mins. 


Please Note:  This is not an Initial Naturopathic Patient Consultation. If required, this would need to be arranged separately.



Online Electronic OligoScan Patient Form


As part of our integrated approach to your health, we request that you complete the following online Patient OligoScan Form prior to your appointment. You will need an internet connection to complete this form. The secure ink is provided below.


Click here to complete your online Patient Form


When Does This Form Need to be Completed?


Your completed Form needs to be completed at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.


Arriving late to your appointment without completing your form means that there will be less time available to see your Practitioner and can lead to undue stress on the day.



Current Medications and Supplements


Please let us know if you are taking any medications or supplements. Your patient form has a section where this information can be provided.


Your Blood Type


Do you know your blood type? We need this information to perform your test accurately.


About our Clinic


The Urban sense wellness clinic is comprised of a professional group of allied health practitioners who specialise in providing a total approach to health and wellness through a range of natural therapies.


What Do you Receive at the end of the Consultation?


You will be provided with a printed report of your OligoScan Results which you can then take back to your referring Practitioner. We do not provide in depth analysis or explanation of your results unless you have specifically booked an Test and Report consultation. This is at an additional fee.

How Much Does the Test Cost?


The OligoScan Test is $150.


Payment for your consultation is due on the day of your appointment.


Cancellation Policy


If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please call the clinic 48 hours in advance to enable cancellation and re-scheduling of your appointment. If we do not receive sufficient notice a cancellation fee will be charged. This will need to paid before you can rebook your next consultation.


Our Location


Urban sense wellness clinic is located at 275 St Georges Road, Northcote. 


Patient Parking

There is free 2 hour on street parking available out the front of the clinic or in nearby Emmaline Street.


Public Transport


The Route 11 West Preston tram runs along St Georges Road if you are coming by public transport.  The Tram stop No is 32 or 34. Alternatively, the South Morang train line stops at Croxton Railway Station, a few streets away from the clinic.


We look forward to seeing you and becoming your partner in wellness.