Since ancient times, Amethyst crystals have been universally accepted as the healing crystal.  There are a number of ways to incorporate these healing crystals into a rejuvenating therapy that helps purify the body and align cellular function. 


The Richway Biomat is a state of the art far-infrared mat that is used to promote general health and wellness within the body.  The Biomat is used by medical practitioners, wellness spas as well as the general public all over the world to reduce body aches and pain and promote as well as promoting a sense of deep relaxation and increased energy.  


Far-infrared therapy has been shown to deeply penetrate within the body, impacting cellular activity and detoxification.  Researchers, such as Dr Gerald Pollack showed that far-infrared light waves generated by the Biomat have an impact on cellular detoxification, promoting optimal cell functioning. 


Richway, has devised a unique technology to harness the benefits of Amethyst crystals in combination with 17 layers of natural materials that enhance the treatment benefits of the Biomat. 


Book a session; 30 mins $25.00, 60 mins $50.00, 90 mins $75.00


Purchase your own therapeutic Biomat: orders available through urban sense



  • Biomat Professional 

  • Biomat Pillow

  • Biomat Mini Mat

  • Biomat Belt

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